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MeasureIt for Blender

MeasureIt for Blender MeasureIt is an add-on designed for displaying measures in the viewport, making the process of design objects with exact measures, easier. These tools are extremely useful for any job that requires exact measurements, including architectural projects, technical design and 3D printing.

You can use it for:

  • Mesh vertex to vertex measure: Length between vertices in the same mesh.
  • Mesh vertex labeling: Add a label to any mesh vertex. This allows identify easily different areas or objects in the scene.
  • Object to Object: Distance between object origins, vertex to origin or vertex to vertex.
  • Object to origin: Distance between object origin to scene origin or vertex to scene origin.
  • Allows work with different scales.

The measures can be used with Meshes, Empties, Lamps and Cameras. Blender units, Metric and Imperial are supported. As all measure definitions are saved in the blend file, you can save the file and the next time you use it, the measures will be ready.