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CG news arrow Plug-ins and Scripts arrow Miarmy 4 Update

Miarmy 4 Update

Miarmy 4 Update Basefount Technology has released a significant update to its crowd simulation software for Maya Miarmy 4.

Miarmy 4 new features:

  • Geometry Deforming Cache Action driven
  • Curve Pin Tools
  • New Placement Formation Targeting
  • Formation Morphing
  • New Auto IK auto control feet and pelvis
  • Any Shape can be kinematic primitive (plus display helper)
  • Geometry Visible rendering and action control
  • Render Export Engine Rewrite
  • Post Cache Simulation
  • Adjustable Road & Path
  • Particles Info Fetching
  • Maya Variable Control the Texture Selection
  • Master/Slave auto action sync turning
  • Big number agents support
  • VRay-3 Support
  • Maya 2016 Support
  • Mesh Drive Support Referencing
  • Action Set in Story List
  • Many Bugs fixed