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RealFlow RenderKit 2014

RealFlow RenderKit 2014 The RealFlow RenderKit, or just RFRK, is a set of tools to facilitate the task of rendering fluids. The RFRK's main purpose is the creation of meshes directly at render time without exporting them to disk.

Unlike RealFlow, the RFRK is not a stand-alone application. It can be seen as a couple of modules that work inside your 3D application. This tight integration is also the reason for some platform-specific differences. All the parameters and features from RealFlow's meshing engines are also available inside the RFRK, but with one decisive difference: the RFRK does not store the meshes permanently a mesh file only exists as long as it takes to finish the current frame.

RealFlow RK Mesh. RealFlow's standard particle emitters, also called SPH emitters, are used to create small- or medium-scaled fluids with a high level of detail. To get all these fine structures and drops, this mesh type is the best choice. It shares exactly the same parameters as RealFlow's Particle Mesh engine, and supports a wide variety of channels which are read from the associated particle sequence. This type is also used if you want to mesh splashes, foam, or bubbles from Hybrido simulations.

RealFlow RenderKit Particler. Liquids like foam and spray are normally not meshed, but rendered as particles. This plugin offers powerful functions for rendering particles as realistically as possible. The particles' size can be adjusted according to their channels and distance from camera for achieving speed stretching and view-dependent effects. Our MultiPoint technology enables you to increase the number of particles directly at render time: you can save time by simulating a scene with smaller amounts of particles and add huge amounts of spray or foam within your 3D program.

RFRK_Cloud. Aside from splashes, foam, and bubbles there is also mist a fog-like structure representing dispersed drops of fluid. In contrast to other fluid elements, mist is stored in cells of variable density using the → OpenVDB format. Some RFRK versions use existing volumetric shaders, others provide a dedicated shader which can applied to the mist container.

RFRK_Displacement. These maps can be generated easily within RealFlow from RealWave surfaces and Hybrido fluids. Instead of baking this so-called ocean statistical spectrum to a Hybrido mesh, a map is projected onto some geometry.