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Cloud-Processing Platform Conductor

Cloud-Processing Platform ConductorAtomic Fiction announced today the planned release our cloud-processing platform Conductor.

Whether it is visual effects and animation, protein folding, oil and gas discovery, or complex computational fluid dynamics simulations, Conductor gives anyone, from the largest corporation to the individual in their garage, access to their very own, nearly limitless, datacenter.

Conductor is easy to implement. Weve already taken care of integration with the most commonly used applications in the entertainment industry, and are including tools used by other industries for Conductors public launch.

Speed is at the platform's core, since transfers to and from the cloud are automated and multithreaded. A user's own cloud-based datacenter comes online within minutes, even if its thousands of processors at once.

Once online, Conductor's processing power can rival the biggest privately owned data centers in the world. Conductor has been used in real-world film production, leveraging Google Cloud Platform, to create and manage private virtual processing farms of more that 25,000 processors, with the ability to scale to over 100,000.

Conductor allows users to treat computing power just like gas or electricity at their homes: they only pay for what they use. Because of Conductors per-minute pricing, more resources can be added to speed up the process without costing the user any more. If 1,000 processors get a job done in 10 hours, 10,000 can get it done in just one and the cost is the same!

The platform is incredibly secure, meeting or exceeding security standards followed by top companies across the world.

Conductor was born at Atomic Fiction, an award-winning visual effects studio with offices in Oakland, Los Angeles and Montreal. Over 4,000,000 core hours have already been used to render visuals for feature films, video game cinematics and television. Blockbusters such as Transformers: Age of Extension, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robert Zemeckis upcoming feature film, The Walk, and the Emmy-nominated television series, Cosmos all leveraged the power of Conductor.

Please register if youd like to be included in our upcoming private beta, coming in early 2015!


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