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MotionTool for Blender

MotionTool for BlenderMotionTool is the in-house Node Based Animation Framework developed by Cogumelo Softworks. For those that work with Animation, Motion Graphics, FX and need a better animation solution or just wanna have some fun with procedural and node based animations MotionTool is just what you need!

MotionToolis a add-on for blender 2.71 or above thatimplements a new out of box animation framework in blender, full out of box, full node based, full procedural!

MotionToolwas designed for a In House solution, its already quite stable and can be used in your diary works. Despite its in BETA stage its full featured and much moreis planned for future.

Major features:

  • Node Based Anim
  • Easy To Use
  • Out of Box
  • Realtime Feedback
  • Objects or Full Scenes
  • Group Management
  • Ease Motion
  • Full Library

MotionTool is released as a BETA, that mean thatuntil November 1thit has apromotional price of $39,95. After BETAit will go back to the original price of $49,95.We want your feedback to improve it, so what doyou think MotionTool needs to be better for you? During theBETA we will collect all feedback and set a roadmap for next versions.


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