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Radius Effector

Radius EffectorRadius Effector is a Blackbox for Thinking Particles. It will help you to create animations (rotation, scale, position, material) on a large number of objects without creating lots of keyframes, only based on a distance from a null object.

RichDirt Solution for Realistic Mud

RichDirt  Solution for Realistic Mud RichDirt is a fast and easy way to enrich your renderings by adding simple and advanced dirt effects and give them a dramatically real look. Now you can age your 3D surfaces and give them a stained real look just the way dust, rain and water flows affect the look of actual buildings.

FurryBall 3.0

FurryBall 3.0FurryBallisthe first unique real-time GPUrendererin production qualityimplemented directly into Maya.No more time-consuming exports, waiting and tuning in new applications! You can see your render in real-time hairs, Maya Fluids, with bump-maps, textures, soft shadows, reflections and refractions, ambient occlusionandcolor bleeding, depth of field and many other features directly in Maya viewport.

Quad Chamfer Modifier for 3ds Max

Quad Chamfer Modifier for 3ds MaxThe Quad Chamfer modifier produces all quad chamfers, unlike the normal 3ds Max chamfer which produces a lot of triangles and ngons.

BookScatter v 0.2

BookScatter v 0.2Here is a script BookScatter v 0.2 that Mourelas Konstantinos started writing for a project he's working on. Its in the early stages of development, but since it works ok in the tests he decided to share it with you and get some feedback. Right now the script is encrypted but it will be released under GNU GPL license when it's finished.

SolidRocks 0.99.8

SolidRocks 0.99.8SolidRocks is an Autodesk 3dsmax plugin which automates the complex process of setting up rendering. It brings the best of the powerful V-Ray rendering engine without any need to know its internal operation.

Importer Din3D

Importer Din3DDin3D files quickly and simply imported in Autodesk 3ds Max. It is suggested for those ArchiCAD users who use 3ds max for the model visualization. It Significantly cleanses the geometry of the model thereby reducing the time spent to repair your model. Replacement of model is also possible while all the settings remain the same.

Export to Maxwell Renderer with BtoMW

Export to Maxwell Renderer with BtoMW We announce a new possibility for Blender users: BtoMW! BtoMW is a python exporter to convert Blender scene to Maxwell Render format *.mxs. The script, as the programs, is working for Windows, Linux and Mac. Itis able to speedup the work-flow.

RayFire 1.58 Update

RayFire 1.58 UpdateNew features in Mir Vadim's destruction kit plugin RayFire 1.58 for 3ds Max.

Beta Version GrowFX 1.8.5

Beta Version GrowFX 1.8.5GrowFX is a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max, allowing you to build any plants and trees. We have prepared a new version GrowFX 1.8.5 Beta, it's available to customers only.
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