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Break and Form 2.0

Break and Form 2.0The script Break and Form allows you to break an object into pieces by detaching its polygons or slicing it into chunks and form this object again by manipulating the position, scale and rotation of each piece.

Open Beta Testing of Deadline 6.2 and Stoke MX 2.0

Open Beta Testing of Deadline 6.2 and Stoke MX 2.0Thinkbox Software has launched beta builds ofDeadline6.2 the latest iteration of its high-volume data management solution for rendering or processing information andStokeMX 2.0 the newest version of its plug-in for quickly creating or modifying existing high-count particle clouds in Autodesk3ds Max.

SnowGun Painter for 3ds Max

SnowGun Painter for 3ds MaxSnowGun Painter is a new plug-in by Clovis GAY, that allows 3ds Max users create snow exactly where they want. But it could be used for many different things.

V-Ray for Blender

V-Ray  BlenderV-Ray for Blender is a project of V-Ray integration to Blender combining V-Rays flexibility and unprecedented speed with one of the world's most famous open source 3D applications.

VFB+ for 3ds Max

VFB+ for 3ds MaxVFB+ v2.41 (Virtual Frame Buffer) is an advanced frame buffer for Autodesk 3ds Max. It features an intuitive user interface, render history capabilities, a powerful color adjustment engine, a highly customizable frame stamping module and many more features that will help you improve your rendering workflow.

Sprut for Nuke

Sprut for Nuke Sprut is a simple set of free tools for 2d fluid simulation that works within The Foundrys Nuke. Based on and around Jos Stams 1999 Siggraph paper Stable Fluids, it was created using standard Nuke 2D nodes, making it the first truly open, flexible and portable fluid toolkit within Nuke.

MeshFusion for MODO 701

MeshFusion for MODO 701 MeshFusion for MODO has been developed by Braid Art Labs based upon the previous GroBoto technology. This revolutionary new modeling plugin is available exclusively for MODO 701 and opens up a new world of creative possibilities for artists and designers.

Grass Generator

Grass GeneratorDoing archviz work, you're bound to run in a situation where you're going to need some natural / organic elements to fill up your scene. Of course, there's a quite a few plant libraries available to buy, but sometimes it's nice to have techniques to make your own stuff.Not only is it cheaper, but it grants you more control over the final look of your renders. Rather than modeling each individual blade, I found a way to get similar results using just modifiers. This, in turn, allowed for the process to be automated into a script. And so the Grass Generator was born.

Rock Generator PiCliff for 3ds Max

Rock Generator PiCliff for 3ds MaxIf you're tired of modeling rocks in your projects, a job that's not too hard but takes time and sometimes doesn't have a good result, so we recommend you to use PiCliff rock and cliff generator. PiCliff generates random shapes of rocks with customizable variables.

Massfx Toolkit for 3ds Max 2014

Massfx Toolkit for 3ds Max 2014The Massfx Toolkit is a scripted plugin that extends the capabilities of MassFX for 3dsmax. Massfx in 3ds max can be cumbersome and difficult to art direct and manage. This toolkit automates a lot of the processes and makes using Massfx in production easy and fun. It supports 3dsMax 2014 & MassFX only!
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