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TurnToolBox2008 from TurnTool ApS.

TurnToolBox2008The TurnTool technology is a real time 3D technology. This tool contains two elements:

The TurnToolBox is a plug-in for 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Viz, Cinema4D , ArchiCAD, MicroStation etc. The plug-in will be available for more 3D applications along the way.
The TurnTool Viewer is the smallest browser plug-in for interactive web 3D solutions. This enables the viewing of the TNT files.

TurnToolBox2008 now supports 3D Studio Max 2009 as both 32 bit and 64 bit.

Color Correct and Counter Text

Обновились ColorCorrect и CounterText.Released max2008 and max2009 versions of ColorCorrect (v3.4.91.11) and CounterText (v4.1.26.11). Please note that for max2008 you could use max9 versions but max2009 required re-compile.

ColorCorrect is a 3DS Max texture plug-in which alters the colors of any (bitmap or procedural) texture so that you can fine tune the colors or create a variation of it. It eliminates going back and forth between Photoshop and max and also lets artists to use the same map in different parts of the scene to reduces memory consumption. To give you full control all the parameters are mappable.

CounterText is extended version of MAX`s text object. It provides animatable number content in the text so that users can have frame numbers or any custom numeric value. You can bind it to any animatable parameter in the scene to give numeric information about that parameter in the rendered image.

RayFire Tool v1.33

RayFire Tool v1.33RayFire Tool gives You ability to shoot, destroy, demolish, ruin, break down, make havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode and do other similar things You have always dreamed of to do in Max..

Feature list:
- Fragmentation. Allows you to fragment geometry objects.
- Reactor Explosion. Allows you to realistically explode objects.
- Reactor Hit. Creates realistic physical interaction of impact objects with bullets.
- Displace. Automatically subdivides impact faces and creates detailed animated dents.
- Holes. Creates holes and destruct Impact objects piece by piece totally in real time.
- Instant Action. Allows you to shoot and explode without gun, manually defining all impact spots on impact object.
- Various effects, such as Impact flash, Muzzle Flash, Particle Debris, Geometry Debris, Fragmented Debris from Holes, Smoke, Sparks, Blood, Decals, Bullets and any Custom objects which you can define by yourself.
- Interactive Layer Manager. Allows you to interactively change properties in the already created effects, select, hide\unhide, freeze\unfreeze and delete any created layer or effect.
- Multiple animated Impact objects. Also you can use skinned, pointcached or deformed in any other ways objects.
- Automatic update system.

Particle Flow Tools: Box#3 Pro v1.07.3 from Orbaz Technologies, Inc.

Particle Flow Tools: Box 3 ProThe Wizard of OrbaZ presents Particle Flow Tools: Box#3 Pro: a toolset for creating your own Particle Flow tools. You can build standard operators and tests as well as those that use icons. Box#3 Pro lets you save your results as presets that you can choose from a list, or as standard actions that show up in the Particle View depot. The built-in visual editor, as easy to use as Particle View but far more versatile, lets you combine 23 different suboperators (elements) to customize a data flow to suit your needs perfectly.

Box#3 Pro also includes two new Cache operators for making Particle Flow more efficient and seven customizable presets that show off the incredible power of this new tool (with more on the way). And so you can distribute your custom PFlow operators to the rest of your team, Orbaz provides a free read-only version of Box#3 Pro, plus a demo version for trying out the software before you buy.

Texporter v3.5.23.11 from Cuneyt Ozdas Software

texporterReleased 3ds max 2008 and 3ds max 2009 versions of Texporter (v3.5.23.11)

Texporter is a small but a handy utility to unwrap any mesh in texture coordinate space. This process results a "flat" wire frame representation of your model so that you can use your favorite painting software to paint color, bump, shininess etc maps being sure that it'll perfectly fit to the geometry when applied on it. It's not a big or complex tool but over the years it became very popular and almost the standard tool for this task.

Бесплатные скрипты на сайте ScriptAttack.com

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Бесплатные скриптыВсе скрипты, а их немало, на на сайте ScriptAttack.com стали бесплатными! Эти скрипты призваны облегчить работу в 3Ds Max.

Список бесплатных скриптов: SuperPainter 1.1, HandManipulator 1.0, Building 1.2, PolySpline 2.1.6, BlenderFluid 1.3, BipEditAnimRanges 1.0, TextureRenamer 1.2, MailRenderCam 2.2.1, WindowCreator 1.1, BookFiller 1.2, SmartPivot 1.0.

Ghost Trails 3.09

Ghost TrailsGhost Trails version 3.09! Now with particle support! and Max9 Support!

Ghost Trails is a modifier plugin that makes it easy to create a trail behind a moving object. Now with Particle support!

It can be used to create such effects as: skid marks and tire tracks, trails from swords and other weapons (like in console games), trails from particles or meteors, snail and blob trails, matrix like Bullet Trails.

Pavel Kuznetsov recompiled his plugins for 3ds max 2009

Перекомпилированные процессыPavel Kuznetsov has recompiled all of his plugins for 3Ds Max 2009 (32-bit and 64-bit):

Adjust Color v1.5
Distance Fade v1.6
G-Corrector v1.0
Milky Way v3.0.1
Object ID v1.0
Replace ID v1.0
Surface Blur v2.1
Throughout v1.0
Trail v3.5.2.1

Trail для 3Ds Max 2009

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Процесс Trail для 3ds maxПавел Кузнецов перекомпилировал процесс Trail для 3D Studio MAX 2009 (32-bit и 64-bit).

Работая над сценами космических сражений, автор плагина Trail столкнулся с необходимостью построения большого количества следов работы двигателей и плазменных выстрелов.
Для решения этих задач он написал небольшой процесс, позволяющий легко и наглядно добиться нужного эффекта, не загружая при этом сцену дополнительной геометрией.
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