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Helicopter Model Tutorial

Helicopter Model TutorialIn this tutorial Sergej Zlahtic talks about his personal project "Helicopter Model", selected for the Autodesk "Fake or Foto" challenge.

3D Christmas Tree Tutorial

3D Christmas TreeIn the spirit of holiday season, there is a quick video tutorial on how to make a Christmas Tree in 3Ds max by VisCorbel. The process is quite simple, you can use this technique for small and large trees, it’s up to you. Once you understand the principle, it’s quite easy. Once you have the tree ready, it’s time to decorate it in any way you like. It is very simple, just make some shiny ornaments and hang them where you like.

Legacy FX Tutorials

Legacy FX Tutorials Allan McKay, an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Director, presents 24 video tutorials for Particle Flow, Fume FX, Afterburn, Dynamics, Compositing and FX creation in 3D Studio Max.

Legacy collection includes tutorials for fire, explosion, particle dispersion, raindrops, clouds modeling; materials for Maxscript, particles, physical forces workflow and others.

47 Spectacular RealFlow Tutorials

RealFlow47 spectacular tutorials of working with particles in RealFlow by Topher Welsh - a post production artist working mainly in the fields of motion graphics and visual effects.

The tutorials detaily step by step describe the process of effects creation, are well illustrated and are presented in graphical and textual as well as video formats.

3d tree leaves material tutorial for 3ds max

Leaves Material TutorialShort tutorial by Peter Guthrie, explaining the way of making leaves material for 3d trees in 3ds max, namely making leaves material for autumn apple.

In this tutorial leaves material is based on opacity map. In comparison with geometry leaves opacity map allows optimal RAM usage, avoiding numerous polygons.

Digital Camera Modeling

Моделирование цифровой фотокамерыIn this tutorial you will learn how to model this digital camera Nikon Coolpix L12 (no sound). Software required : 3Ds max. Blueprints included.

Kelvin controlled sunlight

Kelvin controlled sunlightIf you've ever wanted different controls on the mrSun, like kelvin settings, then you'll find Jeff Patton's tutorial helpful.

In this tutorial the author explains how you can use a light shader to control the color of your sunlight with either a color swatch or shaders like the blackbody/CIE_D shaders.

Sofa Modeling in 3ds max 2009

Sofa ModelingThis video tutorial is created by artist Mahmoud Keshta in 3ds max 2009. This tutorial is divided in two parts and the total lenght of this video tutorial (without sound) is 70 minutes. This will explain you how you can model this stylish modern leather sofa inside 3ds max. This is very detailed and step by step shown video tutorial which will explain you everything without the need of sound.

Create an exploding planet in 3D Studio Max

Exploding planet Detailed tutorial by Laurent Renaud describing modeling of planet explosion using 3D Studio Max 2010.

As instruments were used Particle Flow system for particle management and some elements of max script for fragmentation and explosion animation.

Particle Dispersion Effect Using 3DS Max and Particle Flow

Particle Dispersion Effect Enough easy, clear and interesting tutorial of creating particle dispersion effect. The tutorial includes 12 detaily described and well illustrated steps.

Particle creation and management are made using Particle Flow, particle blowing effect made with Wind object, gradual object dissapearing is made using material with animated opacity map Gradient Ramp.

Discovering Papervision3D: Best Design Practices and Tutorials

Papervision3DPapervision3D (PV3D) is a popular open source 3D engine for Flash. It enables to create advanced three-dimensional objects displayed real time right in the web browser.

With Papervision3D designers bring an impressive visual experience and user interaction to the web visitors. Interactive environment captivates and gives an opportunity to enjoy navigation and content exploring process. PV3D provides great solutions for product showcasing websites, advertising campaigns and portfolio designs.

40 Useful Adobe Illustrator 3D Tutorials and Techniques

3D illustratorAdobe Illustrator is a versatile vector illustration application that’s preferred by many professional artists and designers. Its robust and powerful set of tools coupled with its intuitive interface makes it the go-to app for vector work. Illustrator excels in allowing designers to craft stunning and realistic-looking 3D artwork.

In this collection, you will find 40 useful and informative tutorials and techniques on creating three-dimensional artworks in Adobe Illustrator.

Video Tutorial: Fly

Fly BlenderThe screenrecording itself was done for Steve Gormley aka VJSteveG, who will be using the footage / timelapse in his work. The video you are seeing right now is more of a summary of a video tutorial that I am working on right now. There I will explain all the basic techniques used in the process of modeling, rigging and shading the fly. With Blender of course :-)

Скчать урок VRay sun, sky, cam

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Vray sun, sky, camВ ходе видеоурока автор покажет как настроить камеру Vray Phisical Camera и осветить интерьерную сцену при помощи Vray Sun и Vray Sky в 3ds Max.


A tutorial on NPR rendering using Blenders new Freestyle renderer

Blender FreestyleThis tutorial describes how to create an experimental movie clip using Blender and its new Freestyle renderer.

Blender is a powerful software package for creating 3D computer graphics and video games.
Freestyle is a non-photorealistic (NPR) renderer, originally developed by an academic research group independently of Blender but now in the process of full integration into Blender, thanks to a Google Summer of Code 2008 project by Maxime Curioni.
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