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44 номер электронного журнала Magic CG

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44 номер электронного журнала Magic CGЦенители искусства создания компьютерной графики обязательно зачитают до дыр свежий весенний номер журнала Magic CG. 44-й номер, подготовленный редакцией, подарит вам массу положительных эмоций и натолкнет на новые идеи для творчества. Для обложки журнала использована потрясающая работа Дениса Зильбера. Приятного всем прочтения!

3Delight for 3ds Max 2.0

3Delight for 3ds Max 2.0Singapore-based DNA Research announced release of 3Delight for 3ds Max 2.0, the first commercial release of their production renderer for 3ds Max. The first license of 3Delight is offered for free and is available for download.

Кинематографический трейлер World of Warships

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Кинематографический трейлер World of Warships Официального релиза бесплатной ММО игры World of Warships от международной компании Wargaming.net игроки ожидают уже около трех лет. Время от времени появляются новости о старте игры, а также трейлеры. Свой трейлер представила компания RealtimeUK, одна из ведущих креативных студий компьютерной графики Великобритании.

OctaneRender 3 Announced

OctaneRender 3 Announced Cloud graphics company, OTOY Inc., today delivered its largest update ever across its entire product line with the announcement of OctaneRender 3, OctaneVR, OctaneRender Cloud services, and the open source ORBX media file format for HTML5, VR and AR platforms designed to provide artists with the most versatile suite of rendering technologies possible.

AUGIWorld — March 2015

AUGIWorld — March 2015When it comes to using Autodesk software, there are a couple of certainties. One is that you will not use the software in its out-of-the-box state for very long. The other is that you will, over time, learn an impressive number of tips & tricks - those little shortcuts, under-used features that don't get much fanfare, methods for performing certain tasks, etc. that save a lot of time and more than a little frustration. These handy helpers sometimes come by way of your own discovery, but more often are passed along by colleagues in your office and peers you meet in the AUGI Forums and elsewhere. In the March 2015 issue of AUGIWorld, our authors share some of their favorite tips & tricks to add to your growing collection!

MAXtoC4D Bridge Plugin

MAXtoC4D Bridge PluginMaxToC4D is a plugin to transfer 3DsMax current scene to C4D with 2 clicks, solving common problems between import/export problems automatically, to get the best results in the fastest way and with the less effort possible.

NVIDIA Makes PhysX Source Code Available for Free

NVIDIA Makes PhysX Source Code Available for FreeNVIDIA today put more than a decade of research, development and investment in gaming physics into the hands of game developers – by offering free source code for NVIDIA PhysX on GitHub.
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