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AUGIWorld April 2015

AUGIWorld  April 2015The Autodesk user community looks forward to spring and the annual release of new versions of Autodesk software, and this year is no exception. AUGIWorld authors have been hard at work slicing and dicing the new releases to bring you the highlights of 2016 versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, and Inventor.

GroomBoy Looks for Beta Testers

GroomBoy Looks for Beta Testers Welcome to GroomBoy an art-directable procedural Hair/Fur Grooming Tool for Maya. We have been working on a 'Procedural Hair & Fur Grooming system' for Maya with an outside the box approach...

ShaderMap 3

ShaderMap 3ShaderMap creates and converts rendering textures to different formats. It can also bake maps from 3D models. Easily tweak settings and preview changes in real-time.

Blender 2.74

Blender 2.74The Blender Foundation and the online developer community are proud to present Blender 2.74. Cycles got several precision, noise, speed, memory improvements, new Pointiness attribute. Viewport has new cool compositing features, outliner now manages orphan datablocks better. Modeling now allows custom normals, and transferring data layers between meshes! Massive improvements to hair dynamics and editing tools: a big step forward with more to come

Paintstorm Studio

Paintstorm StudioPaintstorm Studio is created for professional digital painting. And a major role in this program play the brushes. We did our best so that you can easily and quickly adjust the brushes suitable for your painting style.

Rebelle for Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

Rebelle for Watercolor and Acrylic Painting Rebelle is a real watercolor and acrylic painting program, amasterpiece created by Peter Blaskovic. The initial vision was to achieve the most realistic watercolor painting tools possible.

BlenderArt Magazine #46

BlenderArt Magazine #46Welcome to BlenderArt Magazine Issue #46, FANtastic FANart. In this issue, we pay tribute to the creative geniuses that inspire us to attempt creative masterpieces of our own. The FANtastic Fanart gathered within is sure to inspire you to practice your skills. So settle in with your favorite beverage and check out all the fun goodies we have gathered for you.
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